Canadian Student Review: Fall 2019

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Canadian Student Review Fall 2019

In this issue:

1st Place Essay: High School Category
Protectionism: Learning from Past Failures
by Norman Zeng

1st Place Essay: Undergraduate Category
Adam Smith: A Proponent of Automation
by Tyler Legg

1st Place Essay: Graduate Category
Future of Automation in the Workplace
by Isabella Germinario

Why Budgetary Deficits Matter
by Tegan Hill
A quick overview of the significance of budgetary deficits.

Technology, Automation, and Employment: Will this Time be Different?
This recent infographic highlights that the fourth Industrial Revolution will create more new jobs than the old jobs it will replace.

A quote from international economist, Dambisa Moyo.

Plastic Bag Bans May Do More Harm than Good
By Vincent Geloso
Senior fellow Vincent Geloso assesses the recent trend of banning single-use plastics.

Gender Disparity Under the Law and Women's Well-Being
Take a look at our new video, part of our Women and Progress series.

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