Canadian Student Review: Fall 2023

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Student Essay Contest Winner – First Place, Graduate
Joseph McKinnon discusses the challenge of transitioning to a low-carbon economy while maintaining the spirit and benefits of innovation. He examines the impact of policy mandates on the process of creative destruction and suggests that government interventions should align more effectively with market forces to drive sustainable innovation.

Student Essay Contest Winner – Second Place, Graduate
Yaser Elfahli examines how Milton Friedman’s economic theories can help us understand the various policy responses to the 2023 global banking crisis; it focuses on roles of monetary policy, government intervention, and market regulation in achieving stability and economic freedom.

Adam Smith—Through Sympathy There is Progress
James R. Otteson, Professor of Business Ethics at the University of Notre Dame and co-author of The Essential Adam Smith, joins host Rosemarie Fike to discuss Smith’s concept of sympathy and how paying attention to the feedback our behaviours elicit from others is what enables progress and change within society.

Student Essay Contest Winner – First Place, Undergraduate
Louis Mercier delves into the challenges facing Montreal’s downtown core now that many employees are working remotely. Inspired by Joseph Schumpeter’s creative destruction theory, it discusses the government interventions, economic challenges, and innovative solutions needed to revitalize the city’s economy and spur entrepreneurship in a rapidly changing landscape.

Student Essay Contest Winner – Second Place, Undergraduate
Joseph Cressatti uses F.A. Hayek’s economic ideas to analyze the Rogers-Shaw merger in Canada’s telecommunications industry. He questions the merger’s impact on competition, government intervention, and pricing dynamics in the sector.

A quote from Steve Forbes
A quote from Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of Forbes business magazine, on innovation and prosperity.

Student Essay Contest Winner – First Place, High School
Ethan Yang explores Canada’s growing shift away from capitalism towards socialism and the potential consequences of this ideological change. It delves into the threats to personal liberty and free expression, drawing parallels with Friedrich Hayek’s warnings in The Road to Serfdom.

Student Essay Contest Winner – Second Place, High School
Saqib Syed delves into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its economic impact, drawing insights from Joseph Schumpeter’s creative destruction theory. Discover how AI disrupts jobs and economies while also sparking innovation, creating new opportunities, and reshaping our future.

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