Canadian Student Review - Spring 2007

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The first edition of 2007 contains interesting articles, many written by students like you! You will find a point/counterpoint on proportional representation, a look at the economics behind $5-a-day daycare, an op/ed on senate reform, and other great topics!

You will also find information on a couple of chances to win money for great writing! See details of the op/ed contest on page 15, and the Student Essay Contest on page 11.

Can you help to distribute CSR on your campus? Campus distributors receive 5 to 500 copies to put out in common areas and club meetings. To start receiving copies, please contact us.

We would like to thank the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation. Thanks to their generous support, we are able to publish and distribute CSR free of charge across Canada.

Vanessa Schneider, Editor ([email protected])

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