Canadian Student Review - Spring 2014

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Living Wage Laws Can Hurt the Most Vulnerable Workers
Charles Lammam
Evidence suggests that the minimum wage may harm the very people it is designed to help.

The Video Gallery—Measuring Government in the 21st Century
Watch Livio Di Matteo, Professor of Economics at Lakehead University, present an international overview of the size and efficiency of government spending.

Residential Development Charges Lead to a Hidden Tax for City Residents
Frazier Fathers
Development charges may translate into higher housing prices and property tax rates for all residents.

The Quote Wall
Bono on entrepreneurial capitalism and aid.

Why Canadian Travel Costs so Much
Mark Milke
An argument for an open market in taxicabs and increased competition in North American airlines.

Websites worth your while
A new website providing data, charts and maps that compare variables of human progress.

Not Your Grandmother's Civil Disobedience
Kenneth P. Green and Mark Milke
A discussion on threatened illegal activism against the oil pipeline.

From the Archives
Christopher J. Coyne
Unintended Consequences: How Regulation Changes Behaviour.

First Nations Parents Need a Say in First Nations Education
Ravina Bains
Protecting parental choice in education reform can ensure that onreserve families are able to enjoy freedom of school choice.

Hot Topics
What's new from the Institute: Canada-US relations and the result of increased corporate taxes.

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