Canadian Student Review: Spring 2023

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The Fraser Institute Blog Post #1
Explore the lessons young Canadians can learn from Poland’s experience with socialism, shedding light on the economic challenges and its relevance in today’s context.

Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley joins host Rosemarie Fike to discuss the ways in which markets and economic progress can impact the lives of women, including: definitions of feminism, how the semantics game is played, and why having a bottom-up approach is optimal.

The Fraser Institute Blog Post #2
Delve into the world of technology, understanding its largely neutral nature while uncovering the significant role users play in shaping its impact on society.

This recent infographic finds that Canada’s environmental record outperforms a majority of comparable high-income countries worldwide.

The Fraser Institute Blog Post #3
Investigate the complexities of socialism’s ambitious goals and its failure to deliver abundance as intended.

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A quote by Milton Friedman. Dr. Friedman is featured in the Fraser Institute’s Essential Scholars Series

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