Canadian Student Review - Summer 2013

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In this issue:

Income tax only a portion of total tax bill
Charles Lamman and Milagros Palacios
Why is 42.7% of an average family's income given to the government?

The Book Corner
Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson
Why Nations Fail

HOT lanes: A great idea but not for subsidizing transit
Joel Wood
Should people be able to pay to use HOV lanes?

The Quote Wall
Friedrich Hayek on equality

The Video Gallery
Watch Laura Jones, Executive Vice President of the CFIB,
present on red tape.

From the Archives
Money: How it works and why
Steven Horwitz

Lights! Camera! Massive film subsidies!
Mark Milke
Why is Canadian taxpayers' money financing Hollywood?

Hot Topics!
What's new from the Institute.
Japan's health care system and becoming an energy superproducer.

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