Canadian Student Review: Summer 2020

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Canadian Student Review - Summer 2020

In this issue:

The Problem with Trying to Prevent “Price Gouging”
Student contributor, William Dunstan uncovers the surprising consequences of anti-price-gouging laws.

COVID-19 Predictions
The Fraser Institute has up-to-date commentaries on the Covid-19 pandemic. Check this page out to follow the latest op-eds and stories on this topic.

Huge backlog of surgeries underscores need for sweeping health care reform in BC
Read how British Columbia needs greater governmental flexibility to increase treatment options in order to provide citizens of the province with sufficient access to health care.

Book Review
Check out our book review for a thought-provoking summer read.

This recent infographic compares Canadians access to biologics and biosimilars to that of other countries.

Environmental Entrepreneurship Can Reduce Environmental Degradation
Laura Huggins, founder of Elevate Environmental Solutions, discusses the role environmental entrepreneurs have in protecting the environment.

Standing for Freedom in Hong Kong
Student contributor Brennan Sorge discusses how a recent policy change in Hong Kong has implications on freedom and how such change affects Canada.

Quote Wall
A quote from the famous economist, Ludwig von Mises.

What the Increase in Public Debt Means for the Average Citizen
Our new student contributor, Nikki Wu, comments on the impact that the increasing public debt will have on the average citizen.

Video Recommendation
Check out a NEW essential Joseph Schumpeter video that highlights one of Schumpeter’s most famous ideas: creative destruction.

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