Canadian Student Review: Summer 2021

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Canadian Student Review - Summer 2021

In this issue:

Modern Monetary Theory and the COVID Crisis
Student contributor Brennan Sorge explains how Canada’s pandemic response should be a warning against the use of Modern Monetary Theory.

Video Gallery
This video from the Essential James Buchanan series demonstrates the importance of rules in determining outcomes. According to Buchanan, when outcomes fail to meet expectations, then we need to change the rules.

The Politics of Carbon Pricing: The Supreme Court and the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act
Student contributor Sam Kerr discusses Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (GGPPA), the expansion of federal powers, and subsequent unintended consequences.

Blog Post
Fraser Institute researchers explain how the elective surgery queue cost 1.2 million Canadians a total of $2.8 billion in lost wages and productivity.

The average Canadian family will pay 39.1% of its income in taxes this year. This recent infographic breaks down the tax take.

Payday Loans: Not So Predatory, and Not So Wise to Restrict
Student contributor William Dunstan dives into the payday lending system and explains how it both benefits and protects consumers.

A Review of Love Your Enemies
Student contributor Denise King shares her insight on Arthur Brooks’s book, Love Your Enemies. To watch a webinar presentation based on his book, go to freestudentseminars.org.

Quote Wall
A quote on truth’s advantage from philosopher and political economist John Stuart Mill. J.S. Mill is one of our Essential Scholars: https://www.essentialscholars.org/mill.

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