Canadian Student Review - Winter 2009

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Our Winter 2009 double issue of Canadian Student Review is packed with great articles discussing the value of greed, and the arguments for and against an auto industry bailout. We also dispute the validity of cap-and-trade schemes in Things Folks Know; present a review of Czech Republic President Václav Klaus' new book, Blue Planet in Green Shackles; and debut two winning essays from our 2008 Essay Contest, which challenge the status quo of Canadian health care.

We would like to thank the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation for their generous support, which enables us to distribute Canadian Student Review at no cost to campuses across Canada.

Best wishes!

Vanessa Schneider, Director of Education Programs

In this issue:

The Auto Industry Bailout: An economic flat tire by David Karp
Find out why the government willing to spend billions to prop up a failing industry.

News Release: How Government Can Help the Economy
Which fiscal measures will propel Canadians out of the economic rut?

Time to Care by Sarah Morris
First-place winner, high school category, of the 2008 Fraser Institute Essay Contest discusses Canada's failing health care system.

In Defense of Greed By Niels Veldhuis
What's greed got to do with economics? Find out why self-interest, or greed, is fundamentally important to economic health.

Things Folks Know that Just Ain't So by Courtenay Vermeulen
Can a cap-and-trade scheme on carbon emissions deliver a market-friendly solution to climate change? 

Book Review: Blue Planet in Green Shackles - Sounding the Alarm on Alarmism by Tim Mak
An analysis of the new book on climate change policy by Czech Republic president, Václav Klaus.
Health Care Crossroads by Teri Sproul
Second-place winner, post-secondary category, of the 2008 Fraser Institute Essay Contest advocates pivotal changes for health care reform.

Hot Topics!
Check out some of our new releases! We discuss Canada's policy challenges with the new Obama administration, and why smart growth policies for urban planning can be harmful to low-income families.

Ask the Professor with Prof. Steve Horwitz
Discover the roots of the economic crisis in an excerpt from An Open Letter to my Friends on the Left by Dr. Steve Horwitz, Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. 

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