Canadian Student Review: Winter 2022

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Canadian Student Review - Winter 2022

In this issue:

Student Article #1
Student contributor Measar Musa explains how Canada must reduce spending now so it has the resources to face future challenges.

Video Gallery
This video from The Essential John Stuart Mill series demonstrates how both individuals and society as a whole benefit when people are encouraged to pursue their different interests, prefersnces, and tastes. Mill believed that only by exercising the act of choice can we learn to make better decisions and thereby improve our lives.

The Fraser Institute Blog
Fraser Institute Senior Fellow Yanick Labrie explains that economic freedom remains key to improving Canadians' living standards.

Despite spending more on health care than most other developed countries with universal coverage, Canada has some of the lowest numbers of doctors, hospital beds, and medical technologies—and the longest wait times. This infographic ranks Canada's health care performance.

Student Article #2
Student contributor Sam Kerr discusses the effects of regulation on trade, as demonstrated through the unintended outcomes of the European Green Deal.

Student Book Review
Student contributor Marium N. Oishee shares her insight on Ronald Bailey and Marian L. Tupy's book, Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know.

Quote Wall
A quote on the nature of government from French judge, historian, and political philosopher Montesquieu. Montesquieu is featured in our Essential Enlightenment series.

The Fraser Institute Blog
Fraser Institute Senior Fellow Russell S. Sobel discusses how Schumpeter's predictions are becoming reality and explains the importance of celebrating and nurturing entrepreneurship.

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