Fraser Forum - October 2008: US Election Consequences

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Up Front: Celebrate Hong Kong
On September 16, the Fraser Institute announced the results of the annual Economic Freedom of the World report in Hong Kong at a gala event.

Is America becoming Canadianized?
by Jason Clemens
Some of Canada’s less market-friendly policies appear to be making their way south of the border.

A race to remember
by Alexander Moens
The candidate who wins the 2008 presidential election will be the candidate who can win over mainstream voters.

Science and safety
by Diane Katz
Crises such as the recent Listeriosis outbreak could be prevented if Health Canada would embrace biotechnologies such as irradiation.

The congressional challenge
by Norman J. Ornstein
Both presidential candidates will face real challenges in Congress if they make it to the White House.

A barrel full of problems
by Diane Katz
No matter which candidate emerges the victor come November, Canada will likely confront an administration that is less friendly to its petroleum products.

America’s fiscal future
by J. Scott Moody
John McCain’s plan to lower marginal tax rates for individuals and businesses would provide Americans with incentives to work hard and invest.

Putting patients first
The only way to fix health care in Canada, according to Dr. Brian Day, former president of the Canadian Medical Association, is to put patients at the center of the system.

The WHO’s sick manifesto
by Philip Stevens
Many of the WHO’s recent recommendations on ways to improve global health seem to be specifically designed to undermine economic growth.

Quebec’s labour woes
by Keith Godin and Milagros Palacios
Labour market performance in la belle province is dismal compared to other Canadian provinces and US states.

Supply and command
by Gerry Angevine
Ontario’s proposed electricity plan will negatively affect consumers by hurting system reliability and inviting higher rates.

The lonely path
by Alan W. Dowd
The next American president should keep in mind the examples of previous presidents as he walks the lonely path of global leadership.

Low-tech care in a high-tech world
by Nadeem Esmail
Governments across Canada are failing when it comes to providing Canadians with easy access to advanced medical technology.

In Closing: Spreading economic freedom in Jordan
by Fred McMahon and Amela Karabegović
This August the Fraser Institute sponsored a policy audit in Jordan, gathering numerous government officials to discuss ways to improve the economic freedom of Jordanians.

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