The Mail Monopoly: Analysing Canadian Postal Service

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Despite innovations in communications and transportation, it takes about the same amount of time to deliver a letter today as it did 200 years ago. In 1981 the Post Office Department became Canada Post, a Crown corporation with increased autonomy that would, it was assumed, lead to improved efficiency and service. But Canada Post has failed to deliver on its promises. This in-depth analysis explains why service is not likely to improve until the Crown corporation is privatized and subject to competition.

Privatization is vital to the survival of Canada Post. As Canada Post has failed to provide expedient and reliable service, consumers have turned to electronic transmissions and private couriers to meet their needs. To survive and thrive, Canada Post needs to meet the challenge of the marketplace.

Dr. Adie's thoughtful writing on the history and current organization of Canadian postal services provides an insightful understanding of Canada Post today. But most important to the future of Canada Post, he also details a template for change - a look at a competitive Canada Post that delivers the goods.

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