The Privatization of Liquor Retailing in Alberta 2003

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The privatization of liquor retailing in Alberta was announced on September 2, 1993, and was completed on March 5, 1994. Over nine years have now passed since liquor retailing in Alberta was privatized, and there have been major changes in the number of stores selling liquor products (which are defined to include all beverage alcohol products), the product selection available at the wholesale and retail levels, and the number of people employed in liquor stores and their wages. There have also been changes in the retail pricing of liquor products, and government revenues from the sales of these products. Given that the government of British Columbia has announced its intention to go forward with some form of privatization of liquor retailing, and given that other provinces are also considering the possibility, it is important to have a clear picture of the changes in liquor retailing that have taken place in Alberta since privatization.

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