Provincial Prosperity

— Mar 15, 2018
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Ontario’s Lost Decade: 2007–2016

Ontario’s Lost Decade: 2007-2016 finds that, despite upbeat government rhetoric, Ontario’s economic growth in 2017 was not enough to repair the damage done during the preceding decade when the province’s economic performance was among the worst in Canada. In fact, from 2007 to 2016 Ontario was at or near the bottom on several important economic indicators compared to Canada’s other provinces, including per capita GDP growth, debt accumulation and annual private-sector job growth.

— Feb 28, 2018
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Designing a Referendum Question for British Columbia

Designing a Referendum Question for British Columbia finds that if the B.C. government moves forward with electoral reform, it should hold two referenda—with clear, unbiased questions—to ensure voters are fully informed, based on best practices from around the world.