Thirty Million Musketeers

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In one of the most influential political works of 1994, Plan B: The Future of the Rest of Canada , Gordon Gibson painted the grim landscape that would result from a Yes vote in a Quebec referendum. He also sketched the outlines of an alternative future for the rest of Canada.

Thirty Million Musketeers is the natural sequel to Plan B . It looks at Canada the way it is now, and probes the problems that both separatists and nationalists have with government in Canada.

It is not enough to tell Quebecers, Just Say No! Nor are Quebecers the only ones in Canada with doubts and deep misgivings. This book provides Quebecers and the rest of the country with a viable road map to a new and better Canada.

Thirty Million Musketeers speaks to the discontents of our times: the debt crisis; the growing problems of pensions, health care, and the tax burden of future generations; and the preservation of national standards in the face of the demise of cash transfers from Ottawa. And it establishes that the status quo cannot be maintained, whatever happens in Quebec.

It is the book that will provide the architecture for a Canada to which all thirty million Canadians can say Yes.

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