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Large percentage of Aussies want socialism—but don’t want to pay for it

Only 39 per cent of Australians support a broad-based increase in personal income taxes.

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Understanding universal health care: Cost- Sharing for Patients in Australia, Part 1

Australian patients can choose to be treated in hospital as either a public or private patient.

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Aussie tax cuts further erode Canadian competitiveness

The Trudeau government raised the top income tax rate from 29 per cent to 33 per cent.

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As the Ontario government moves ahead with plans for a new mandatory provincial pension program in January 2017, early signs suggest the program will be largely modelled after the Canada Pension Plan. Ontarians, however, would benefit from a broader debate that looks beyond their borders.

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Professor Colleen Flood’s recent column in Globe Debate (Canada should look to Europe on health care, not the U.S) got the title right – but just about everything else wrong. Canadians would indeed benefit from a look at Europe for lessons on healthcare reform. What they should not do is fall for Ms. Flood’s erroneous jumbling of statistics that muddle reality and results in false conclusions.

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As Canada's finance ministers meet to discuss the Canada Pension Plan, the debate has thus far been insulated from international pension models and limited to whether or not we should expand the CPP.