BC carbon tax

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Trudeau government carbon tax plan rife with problems

For carbon pricing to be efficient and economically benign, it must be emplaced in lieu of regulations.

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Study assumes the new carbon tax will shift the tax burden from households to businesses without putting businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

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The theoretical or “ideal” carbon-pricing system has never been implemented.

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In Ontario, the government expects to rake in $2 billion per year through its cap-and-trade program.

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Like all taxes, a carbon tax imposes its own burdens and amplifies the economic costs of all other taxes in the economy.

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B.C. budget abandons any hope for efficient carbon tax

Subsidizing wind, solar or other alternative energies distorts the energy market.

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Trudeaus carbon-pricing fixation out of step with Canadians

A new Angus Reid poll suggests that the more people learn about carbon pricing the less they like such schemes.

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The NDP-Green agreement calls for a 67 per cent increase in B.C.’s carbon tax.

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Both the NDP and Greens oppose the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.