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Fighting over meat-labelling rules isn’t ‘COOL’

In the latest development in the ongoing dispute between Canada and the United States concerning country-of-origin labelling (or COOL), Canada won the right to impose retaliatory trade sanctions to the tune of roughly $780 million.

Liberal victory may mean more cooperation with the U.S. but less growth

If the Canadian vote is at all indicative of broader trends in North America, it comes as good news for Democratic candidates, particularly for the overwhelming front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

Canada faces increased competition in U.S. market

 The stagnating growth of U.S. merchandise imports from Canada is cause for concern.

Understanding the Obama economy

With President Barack Obama set to deliver his State of the Union speech next week, Canadians should rightfully be worried about the implications of the President’s policy agenda on the Canadian economy. After all, our economic fortunes are inextricably linked to those of the United States and unfortunately, the economic uncertainty being created by President Obama’s policies and the increasing polarization of the U.S. political system is impeding genuine recovery in the U.S. and constraining our own prosperity.

The U.S. Electorate's Message to Canada: Diversify Quickly

On November 6, 2012, the citizens of the United States decided to maintain, essentially, the status quo: they re-elected Barack Obama as President, left the United States House of Representatives solidly in Republican hands, and left the United States Senate under the control of the Democratic Party. But as with all U.S. elections, there are implications for Canada, which, for better or worse, is usually pulled by the tides of American regulation and economic prosperity – or the lack thereof.

Good reasons for BC to worry about Obama's re-election

Given the slow rate of economic growth and high levels of uncertainty in the United States, British Columbians should be concerned about the economic implications of President Barack Obama’s recent re-election.

Despite the fact that B.C. exports have diversified with exports to the Pacific Rim now equal those to the U.S., the U.S. remains a critically important market for B.C. A stronger American economy will no doubt lead to a robust recovery of B.C. exports to the U.S., which have declined more than 35% since 2005.