canadian health care

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Ottawa’s health-care deal cements failed status quo in Canada

Last year Canadians endured the longest median wait time (27.7 weeks) ever recorded for non-emergency surgery.

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Canadians losing faith in our health-care system

Other countries include the private sector as a partner in the universal health-care framework.

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Canadian policymakers should learn from Australia’s health-care system

Australia’s health-care system outperformed Canada’s on many measures including the availability of physicians and hospital beds.

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Bureaucratic shuffle not enough to fix health care in Alberta

Only 62 per cent of patients in Canada received elective care within four months compared to 99 per cent in Germany.

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Alberta government must stand up to Ottawa to fix health care

The province's health-care wait times are longer than the national average.

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Ottawa’s new dental care benefit offers lessons for health-care reform

Among universal health-care countries, Canada ranks poorly on several key indictors including number of hospital beds.

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New health minister should not repeat predecessor’s mistakes

Canada now has the most expensive universal health-care system in the world.