charter schools

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Independent schools and charter schools leverage public dollars towards cost-effective alternative approaches to education.

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Public schools in Alberta require more than $13,000 taxpayer dollars to educate a student while independent and charter schools require under $5,300 and $9,000 respectively.

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Charter schools are particularly well-equipped and effective at serving the needs of students of disadvantaged populations.

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Activists should not be allowed to impose their vision of indigenous education on all indigenous families.

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Alberta remains the only province that permits the establishment and operation of charter schools in Canada.

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There is no question that a great education is essential to success in the 21st century. Completing high school, for example, markedly reduces the chances of unemployment or the probability of remaining trapped in low-income jobs.

The importance of education to a child’s future success explains the increasing interest on the part of parents, and therefore politicians, in ensuring not only a functioning but thriving education system. Supporting parents in choosing their children’s education and fostering competition between schools is vital to such efforts.