civil freedom

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Estonia’s success demonstrates power of economic freedom

The average Estonian can expect to live nearly eight years longer than the average Russian.

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Western societies must stop the spread of Marxism

The doctrine spreads because the “oppressed” gain instant status and power without the need for virtues or accomplishments.

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Singapore is not China—and some U.S. politicians should study the difference

The average Singaporean earns about 30 per cent more than the average American.

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Proposed legislation seeks to suppress speech about climate change and fossil fuels

According to the proposal, if you're found guilty of “false promotion” you’d face two years in jail and a $1.5 million fine.

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Tide may be turning towards greater economic freedom

Lower marginal taxes encourage individuals to work, invest and undertake entrepreneurial activities.

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Governments worldwide use ‘enemies’ to justify repression

In the vast South Asia region, only Bhutan escaped growing repression since 2019.

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Freedom at stake in the Stans

Revolt in Kazakhstan threatens Russia and could spill over the border.