climate change action plan

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Ottawa peddles junk economics to justify climate plans

Forgoing two years of economic growth over the next eight decades doesn’t seem like an existential challenge.

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Flawed federal carbon-pricing plan will hurt economy
According to the Trudeau government plan, the carbon tax will reach $170 by 2030.

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Climate policy—results more important than rhetoric
Certain projections point to future damages that will hit people who are much wealthier than we are today.

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Something is extreme—but it’s not the weather

Prime Minister Trudeau said the federal carbon tax will help protect Canadians from extreme weather.

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The loudest voices believe that any environmental policy, no matter how extreme and costly, is never enough.

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The government’s push for electric cars is an example of a policy that reduces emissions only minimally and at an unnecessarily high cost.

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Rather than putting revenues from cap-and-trade back into the private economy through tax cuts, the government plans to fund a variety of pet projects.