corporate subsidies

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Ontario government doles out corporate welfare

The province plans to give $500 million in loans and grants to a steel manufacturer in Hamilton.

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Federal payout to steel plant exposes carbon tax flaw

The Trudeau government recently announced a federal grant of up $420 million to Algoma Steel.

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Boost EI but don’t create new wage subsidy program

The $3.8 billion program will provide up to $25,000 in subsidies per employer.

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Alberta should not enable corporate welfare

The Kenney government wants to grant municipalities the ability to offer tax incentives to specific industries.

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Loblaws subsidy underscores Canada's flawed climate plan

Only an estimated 90 per cent of new revenue from the federal carbon tax will be returned to taxpayers.

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Pipeline expansion project may generate $50 billion in government revenue over 20 years.

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Kinder Morgan stopped all “non-essential spending” on the $7.4 billion project due to regulatory, legal and political barriers.

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It’s not clear that the usual way of doing journalism these days contributes much to good government.

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For the “typical family” of four, the cost per billion dollars of assistance is $114.28.

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Government support for national airplane producers can come at a great cost.