corporate welfare

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Many Gen Z and millennial Canadians don’t believe in EV corporate welfare

The federal government's support for EV initiatives will cost taxpayers at least $31.4 billion.

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Honda deal latest episode of corporate welfare in Ontario

Other automakers will likely ask for similar handouts from Ontario and the federal government.

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Governments should end corporate welfare this budget season

Quebec spent roughly the same amount of money on corporate welfare as it collected in business income tax revenue.

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Ottawa should eliminate agents of corporate welfare

The seven organizations combined will spend more than $2 billion in 2023-24 while employing nearly 2,000 civil servants.

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Alberta government should cut corporate welfare to generate tax relief

In 2019, the Alberta government spent $2 billion on corporate welfare.

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Liberals, Tories and NDP—they all love corporate welfare

In this year’s federal budget, the government earmarked $80 billion in corporate handouts to select industries.

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The ‘corporate welfare bums’ are back in business

The Volkswagen handout prompted automaker Stellantis to halt construction of an electric vehicle battery factory.