cpp costs

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Globe and Mail's Rob Carrick offers superficial response to our CPP column

The expanded CPP will not increase overall retirement savings.

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CPP takes bigger bite from Canadians

For every $1 increase in CPP premiums, the average Canadian household reduced its private savings by almost $1.

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Private pensions face regulatory burden the Canada Pension Plan does not

Mandatory CPP contributions from working Canadians will increase steadily between January 2019 and 2025.

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CPP expansion will mean several thousands of dollars more in annual contributions from working Canadians.

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High marginal effective tax rates weaken the incentives for people to earn extra money.

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The Canada Pension Plan’s total costs have doubled over the past decade.

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The Fraser Institute has been at the fore of publishing work related to pension issues and correcting misconceptions to provide Canadians with better information.

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Despite its reputation, the cost of the CPP is actually above the average for comparable plans based in Ontario.