doctor shortage

How France embraces the private sector to deliver universal health care

France spends slightly less (as a percentage of GDP) on health care than Canada, and has a higher number of physicians and hospital beds, and lower wait times.

Changing how we pay doctors doesn't guarantee better care

Economic theory and common sense tell us that financial incentives influence people’s behavior. This is as true for the local barber as it is for doctors. Although some may believe in the romantic fallacy that doctors are altruistic actors, or bound to act in favor of their patients by the Hippocratic Oath, empirical evidence shows us that they too, are influenced by money.

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This Fraser Alert looks at three dimensions of Canada's physician shortage. It begins with a short review of the literature examining whether or not a greater supply of physicians provides benefits other than easier access to care. The next section considers how Canada's physician supply has evolved over time and what factors have helped determine that evolution. The final section closes with a consideration of what is ultimately driving the physician shortage in Canada and provides a sensible solution to the problem.

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