economic freedom of north america

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The Fraser Institute has released its annual study on economic freedom in North America. There’s good news for Indiana, but there’s also work to do.

Before we dig into the good news and the to-do list, it may be helpful to discuss what exactly we mean by “economic freedom.”

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The Fraser Institute convened its fifth annual EFNA Network conference, “Communicating Economic Freedom to the Public, Press and Policymakers.”

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Economic freedom means economic growth

Corporate and industry subsidy programs transfer wealth from the many to the few.

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New Hampshire has the highest level of economic freedom among all U.S. states in the Fraser Institute’s latest Economic Freedom of North America report (EFNA).

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Economic freedom is one of the main drivers of prosperity, as the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of North America index (EFNA) has illustrated—and hundreds of independent studies have confirmed.

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In the U.S., we've seen more regulation, more constrained labour markets, higher taxation and less economic freedom.