economic prosperity

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Stakeholder capitalism and ESG—the road to socialism

Businesses can only succeed by benefiting their customers—unless granted special treatment by government.

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Federal budget speech disregards key drivers of economic prosperity

From 2016 to 2019, Canada saw relatively low rates of growth in incomes and private-sector job creation.

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Instead of seeing innovation as troublesome heresy, people came to see virtue in innovation.

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The entrepreneur played a prominent role in the work of the classical economists, particularly in the French tradition.

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Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s budget missed an opportunity to convince investors that Canada remains a desirable place to invest.

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This year’s Economic Freedom of North America 2014 (EFNA) report shows that, once again, while we are the United States, our states have bigger differences than climate, seasons and terrain.

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While Premier Christy Clark aims “to create an environment where growth and investment can flourish,” little has been achieved since last year’s electoral victory. If Premier Clark is to help British Columbians obtain the desired prosperity and jobs, her top economic priority should be to make BC the most investment-friendly jurisdiction in Canada.

Here’s what’s needed.