education spending in ontario

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Ontario government’s tuition freeze doubles down on failed policies

As the government withdraws funding, it can also withdraw regulatory and administrative burdens.

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Ontario spends more on education while student test scores decline

Spending on public schools in Ontario increased from $25.5 billion to $27.9 billion.

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Currently, parents choosing independent schools in Ontario must pay full tuition costs.

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Of course, Premier Wynne will benefit from labour peace since teacher strikes are tremendously disruptive to families.

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In Ontario a whopping 77 cents of every dollar spent on K-12 public education goes to compensate teachers and staff.

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In 2012/13, Ontario spent $25 billion on education—a 50 per cent increase in only one decade.

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Almost $25 billion was spent on Ontario public school education in 2012/13, $8.3 billion more than a decade earlier.