education system

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School boards need leaders who focus on education not politics

Schools should help students master the academic basics, acquire life skills, and become responsible citizens.

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COVID school closures dramatically set kids back—here are some solutions

Union agreements hamper the ability of governments to hire and reward excellent teachers based on merit.

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Education schools do poor job of training teachers

The more students know about a topic, the more likely they’ll be able to read and understand it.

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Teach students how to think—not what to think

Students are sometimes labelled “privileged” or “oppressed” based solely on their skin colour.

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Schools must get back to basics

Ironically, teachers these days are much better educated and professionally prepared than teachers in previous generations.

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‘Learning styles’ myth damaging our education system

By categorizing students as visual or auditory learners, educators make it harder for students to learn things in different ways.