fair pharmacare

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National pharmacare can hurt patients more than it helps

Canadians can also expect tax hikes to pay for the government drug program.

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Pharmacare ‘cost-savings’ should not trump appropriate drug use

Cancer drug's use in retinal therapy has been linked with increased risks of stroke and death.

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Prescription Drugs

People on social assistance have drug coverage at very low or no cost in every province.

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Provinces already employ various programs to assist vulnerable populations with medication costs.

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Every province in Canada has a prescription drug insurance program for low-income and vulnerable citizens.

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The newspapers and airwaves are filled with people fuming about Fair Pharmacare. There are three major complaints (other than the challenge of getting through to Pharmacare to register). Firstly, that Fair Pharmacare forces patients to pay more of their own money for prescriptions. Secondly, that the requirement to report your income is a violation of privacy. Thirdly, that it is inappropriate to use income from 2001 to determine benefits in 2003.