federal taxes

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Budget advice—Bill Morneau, channel James Robb

"Work and thrift are the only sure roads to success."

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Canada has fallen asleep and must wake up—fast

Canadian provinces comprise nine of the 10 jurisdictions with the highest combined personal income tax rates in Canada and the U.S.

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Beware of temporary tax increases

In this year’s budget, the Wynne government forecasts a nearly 5 per cent increase in program spending.

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Federal tax increases draining the pockets of Canada’s middle class
For a government that claims to want to cut taxes on Canada’s middle class, the Trudeau Liberals are doing a bang up job of increasing them.

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Some speculate that Justin Trudeau’s government may raise the tax rate on capital gains in next week's federal budget.

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There is nothing like an election to bring out the optimistic side in people—and some mythmaking. In Quebec, recent attention focused on Premier Pauline Marois and her musings that if her party wins the provincial election, and if separation one day occurs, that Quebec would keep the Canadian dollar, seek a seat on the Bank of Canada, and that Quebecois might have dual citizenship.