free trade

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Nothing says “USA” quite like a Ford Mustang—except perhaps a Toyota Camry.

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Trade is good for both countries, but not everyone in both countries benefits from trade.

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Trudeau government should concede on key NAFTA issues for the benefit of most Canadians

Dairy farmers in Canada benefit from high prices delivered by supply management.

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Canada's trade hurdle—it’s all about supply management

Canada has less leverage with U.S. negotiators now than before the U.S.-Mexico deal.

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While the Americans build tariff walls, we should form new trade relationships with other countries.

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President Donald Trump has vowed to renegotiate NAFTA, which he calls “a disaster.” But before he tears up the trade deal, let’s take a moment to take stock of why NAFTA was created.

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Ontario’s auto manufacturers import from other countries many of the materials used to make cars.

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For much of the post-World War II period, the U.S. auto industry had an effective oligopoly on U.S. sales—quality plummeted and prices soared.

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China’s cheerleading for international trade is juxtaposed with squeamishness about free trade from the new president of the United States.