global warming

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1.5°C global warming target based on shaky science

The Trudeau government wants to ban gasoline-powered cars by 2035.

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Climate activists discard the ‘science’ for the extreme ‘unknown’

The economic cost of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius would probably exceed the benefits.

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The climate threat is based on computerized models that grossly overstate warming.

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Despite the new IPCC report, reality suggests we have plenty of time to manage climate change.

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Rational reactions to climate change are undermined by the endless parade of doom-mongers.

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The United States likely won’t mirror Canada’s climate policies.

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Since taking office, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has been very aggressive on the climate file. Attempting to remedy what she portrayed as a history of environmental negligence by her predecessors , the premier swiftly increased and expanded Alberta’s carbon tax, placed a hard cap on carbon dioxide emissions, set stiff targets for reducing methane emissions, declared an accelerated phase-out of coal power generation, and promised to replace much of that power with costlier wind or solar power generation.