government regulations

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Despite spending hundreds of billions during COVID, we seem to have little to show for it

Governments in Canada are experts at imposing rules and regulations rather than incentives.

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Lobbying can lead to monopolies (which can lead to higher prices and/or lower quality)

Roughly 35 per cent of Canada's economy is shielded from competition in some way.

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Socialism produces misery, starvation, death—and bad beer

Central planners lack the knowledge and incentives to respond to consumer wants and needs.

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SNC-Lavalin reminds us that big government invites big scandals

Political actors can direct spending towards privileged parties.

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Government policies have made Canada less-attractive to investment in energy industry

The Trump administration has rescinded or scaled back several Obama-era regulations.

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President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress have begun to reform the U.S. regulatory system.

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Carefully thinking out regulation is a lot easier to do after the fact.