heritage fund

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Heritage Fund requires long-term commitment from Alberta government

The government should learn from past experience and ensure new rules about the fund are constitutional.

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Alberta government must embrace new fiscal approach to keep ‘Heritage Fund’ promise

In Alaska, the government must pay a portion of fund earnings to citizens in annual dividends.

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Smith needs constitutional change to protect Albertans from future tax hikes

Future governments can easily and unilaterally change any law passed by the legislature.

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Alberta’s ‘new fiscal framework’ requires constitutional change to make it last

All resource revenue is typically included in the budget, creating volatility in provincial finances.

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Alberta should start saving resource revenue now

In 2022/23, resource revenue is projected to be $28.4 billion, the highest level on record.

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Alberta government can also deliver cheques to residents

As resource revenue began increasing, Alberta’s per-person government spending increased from $7,393 to $13,114.

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Kenney government faces stark fiscal choice in upcoming budget

The Alberta government has not contributed any resource revenue to the Heritage Fund since 1986/87.

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Alberta and Saskatchewan need new rules to save revenue
Saskatchewan’s resource revenue will be roughly $360 million higher than initially projected in 2021/22.

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Alberta government should use unexpected windfall to stop resource rollercoaster

By limiting the amount of resource revenue included in the budget, the fund could restore discipline to government spending.