income gap

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Atlantic Canadian incomes significantly lower than New England incomes

An income gap of thousands of dollars per year makes a big difference for living standards and quality of life.

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Initiatives to equalize everyone will only result in disorder

When government gives some people the right to take things from other people, the powerful often do the taking.

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Canada, like most industrial countries has its fair share of economists and politicians arguing that Canada has an inequality crisis requiring large-scale, even unprecedented government intervention to solve. More often than not the issue of inequality and how we measure it is grossly over-simplified.

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Much has been written about income inequality. You can hardly find a current affairs magazine, newspaper or television program that has not dealt with income inequality recently.

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With public opinion now turning on the protesters, we don’t know what the future holds for Occupy Vancouver. But looking beyond the multi-coloured tents, creatively captioned picket signs and sporadic chants, one concern shared by the protesters seems to be a perceived lack of opportunity for young Canadians. And you can’t blame them. We are, after all, bombarded by claims of stagnating incomes, a lack of opportunity not faced by previous generations, and, of course, the old cliché that the rich are getting richer while the poor stay poor.