income growth

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Ontarians in big cities suffer from weak employment income growth

Population growth often leads to faster economic growth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the economy is doing well.

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Vancouver has lowest median employment income among large cities in region

Policymakers in B.C. have no reason to be complacent about the economy.

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Halifax workers make less than workers in nearby cities

Stronger government policies could help close this income gap.

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Worker incomes in New Brunswick significantly lower than incomes in Maine

An income gap of thousands of dollars per year makes a big difference for living standards.

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Atlantic Canadian incomes significantly lower than New England incomes

An income gap of thousands of dollars per year makes a big difference for living standards and quality of life.

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Initiatives to equalize everyone will only result in disorder

When government gives some people the right to take things from other people, the powerful often do the taking.

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Next federal government should spur business investment to help raise living standards

A majority of industries in Canada reduced investments in machinery, equipment and intellectual property products.

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G7 growth talk obscures poor income growth among Canadians

Between 1999 and 2018, average nominal growth in Japan was just 0.2 per cent.

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The new normal—continued economic growth, not secular stagnation

Innovation will revolutionize future economic productivity.