independent schools

Catholic schools popular with parents across Canada

More than one of every five students in Alberta and Saskatchewan attend a Roman Catholic separate school.

Don’t end funding for Ontario's Catholic schools—start funding independent schools

Ontario does not provide public funding for students attending independent schools.

Government support for independent schools should come from the provinces, not the feds

Approximately 368,000 students attend nearly 2,000 independent schools across Canada.

Public funds can help independent schools serve rural Ontario families

Currently, parents choosing independent schools in Ontario must pay full tuition costs.

New evidence proves independent schools aren’t just for rich kids

Only 4.8 per cent of Alberta independent schools are elite prep schools.

Contrary to stereotypes, independent schools aren’t just for rich families

Only 3.9 per cent of independent schools in Ontario are elite prep schools.
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Comparing the Family Income of Students in BC


  • On average, families with children in independent schools earned $88,367 in income (after taxes) compared to $77,396, on average, for families with children in public schools, which represents a gap of 14.2 percent.
  • If the families with children attending elite independent schools are removed, the average income (after tax) for the remaining families with children attending independent schools falls to $78,894, which is only 1.9 percent above the average income for families with children in public schools.
  • Only 7.7 percent of independent schools in British Columbia were categorized as elite as of the year of analysis.
  • Families with children in elite independent schools maintained an average income (after tax) of $119,242, which is 54.1 percent higher than the average income for families with children in public schools.
  • Increasing the coverage ratio to 80 percent or decreasing it to 50 percent does not materially change the results. Families with children attending non-elite independent schools maintain roughly the same level of total after-tax income as families with children attending public schools.

Budget primer—getting the facts straight on Alberta independent school funding

Independent schools are populated by students from families with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, not just the super-rich.
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