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GM will use the $6 billion it saves by shuttering plants to enter the driverless and electric car markets.

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Ontario raised its top personal income tax rate by 3.1 percentage points, preventing up to 2,158 new businesses from starting.

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Ontario needs policies that encourage Ontarians to spend more energy and imagination working and innovating.

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U.S. pharmaceutical innovation has been disproportionately funded by U.S. consumers of patented drugs.

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If more innovation programs were all we needed to solve our innovation problems, they would have been solved a long time ago.

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Ottawa’s innovation budget unlikely to spark innovation
Government-sponsored venture capital initiatives tend to underperform compared to initiatives funded by the private sector.

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Innovators needed for an innovative Canada
By reducing the rewards of investment and entrepreneurship, governments in Canada have discouraged the very activity they profess to encourage.

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Ottawa must deregulate to innovate
President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress have begun to reform the U.S. regulatory system.