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Learning loss piles up alongside snow while ‘e-learning’ collects dust

In math, 15-year-old students in Nova Scotia today are more than two years behind where they were in 2003.

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Smartphones hurt student learning in the classroom

In Canada, 80 per cent of students reported feeling nervous or anxious if their phones were not near them during math instruction.

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COVID school closures likely caused significant learning loss in Alberta and beyond

Better organized and operated schools are likely better able to help students recover from temporary learning loss.

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One-size-fits-all approaches don’t benefit all students

In Ontario, the government has combined academic and applied math courses.

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Hiring more ‘learning coaches’ won’t fix Ontario schools

One of the province's leading math educators sees math as an opportunity to push his political views on students.

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When it comes to education, government bureaucrats don’t always know best

Half of all provinces, including Ontario, still refuse to allow money to follow the student.

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Useless classroom fads turn students into guinea pigs

The B.C. government recently revamped its provincial curriculum to reflect a "student-centred" approach.

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PISA results—a snapshot of schools in Canada

When governments closed schools and disrupted learning, many families rediscovered the important contributions schools make to modern society.

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Math teachers should teach math—not ‘social justice’

The school board is telling Toronto teachers to “incorporate issues of social justice in mathematics learning.”

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Most Prairie parents feel pandemic policies have hurt their child’s education

Sixty-eight per cent of Alberta parents say their child has fallen behind in school during the pandemic.