liquified natural gas

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U.S. halt on LNG exports presents new opportunity for Canada

Canada has no operational LNG export terminals unlike the United States, which has 27 such facilities.

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Canadians face European-style energy crisis unless policymakers change course

The surge in energy prices forced the continent to revert to coal, a power source that emits 50 per cent more greenhouse gas than natural gas.

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Ottawa turns blind eye to obvious benefits of natural gas exportation

Generating returns to investors and shareholders in energy companies is a good thing.

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Ottawa’s opposition to natural gas hurting Canadians and the world

It’s not too late for Canada to reconsider its stance on natural gas production, distribution, consumption and trade.

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Canada did not ‘miss’ its LNG window—it was nailed shut

Despite the demand, Canada has only one operational LNG terminal.

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Last month Petronas pulled the plug on the Pacific Northwest LNG project.

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British Columbia’s natural gas resources are substantial and the international market for liquefied natural gas is growing.