oil transport

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Government red tape may strangle another major natural resource opportunity

The Ring of Fire is an area in northern Ontario some 500 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay. 

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Pipelines remain a red herring in climate debate

Canada's crude oil reserves are the third-highest on Earth.

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Trans Mountain takes yet another hit

Over decades of moving oil-by-tanker, B.C. has never had a tanker spill offshore.

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Clouds may be breaking over Alberta’s oil and gas sector

The province’s unemployment rate (as of July) was stuck at 7 per cent.

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Senate committee rejects oil tanker ban

A spill of more than 10,000 tonnes is likely to occur once every 242 years.

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Another second-best solution for Alberta’s oil transport woes

Canada already exports more refined products than we import.

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Here, Alberta, have another hurdle

Environmentalists have delayed projects so they become non-economic and are terminated.

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Pipeline crunch sending crude to markets—by truck

Truck transport costs US$20 per barrel—four times more expensive than pipelines.