ontario government debt

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How to start cleaning up Ontario's finances—fast

The FAO projects a deficit of $12 billion due to higher spending and weak revenue growth.

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Ford should get serious about Ontario’s deficit

At the end of this year, Ontario will have run 10 operating deficits in 11 years.

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Most of Ontario’s new debt due to day-to-day spending

Between 2007/08 and 2018/19, Ontario’s debt has grown from $157 billion to $325 billion.

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Ontario now adding debt even faster than before

This year, the government expects to add $16.8 billion to the province’s net debt.

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Ontario—from fiscal leader to fiscal laggard

Next year Ontario’s debt burden per person is projected to surpass Quebec’s.

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Wynne government places big bet on revenue growth

If Toronto’s housing market continues to cool there would be substantial negative implications for provincial revenues.

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Why is Ontario’s debt burden shrinking so slowly

The Wynne government’s fiscal plan calls for an average of $11.8 billion annually in new debt between now and 2019/20.

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Minister Sousa misses the big picture on Ontario’s economy and finances

Provincial Finance Minister Charles Sousa tells an upbeat story about a booming Ontario, but reality is more complicated. The province’s finances remain a mess.