ontario government spending

New Year's resolutions for Wynne government—cut taxes, restrain spending, grow the economy

Ontario—from fiscal leader to fiscal laggard

Next year Ontario’s debt burden per person is projected to surpass Quebec’s.

Ontario’s new energy efficiency programs—high cost, little benefit

Ontario’s electricity prices increased 71 per cent from 2008 to 2016.

Wynne government places big bet on revenue growth

If Toronto’s housing market continues to cool there would be substantial negative implications for provincial revenues.

Why is Ontario’s debt burden shrinking so slowly?

The Wynne government’s fiscal plan calls for an average of $11.8 billion annually in new debt between now and 2019/20.

Wynne government could take a few pointers from Liberal brethren in Quebec

By restraining the growth in program spending, Quebec balanced it’s operating budget.

Minister Sousa misses the big picture on Ontario’s economy and finances

Provincial Finance Minister Charles Sousa tells an upbeat story about a booming Ontario, but reality is more complicated. The province’s finances remain a mess.

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