ontario taxes

Tax relief should be top priority for Doug Ford

Ontario’s top combined provincial-federal tax rate is 53.53 per cent—the second highest in Canada and the United States.

Ford’s personal income tax plan ignores competitiveness concerns

The top combined tax rate in Ontario is 53.53 per cent, the second highest combined rate in Canada and the United States.

Nobody has a serious pro-growth tax plan for Ontario

The NDP promises to increase Ontario’s corporate income tax from 11.5 per cent to 13 per cent.

Election discourse should include transformative tax reform proposals for Ontario

At 53.53 per cent, Ontario has the second highest top combined marginal income tax rate in Canada and the United States.

Ontario PC candidates should offer real tax reform—not bumper sticker slogans

The taxman takes $17,800 in provincial taxes from the average Ontario family every year.