ontario taxes

Ontario PC candidates should offer real tax reform—not bumper sticker slogans

The taxman takes $17,800 in provincial taxes from the average Ontario family every year.

New Year's resolutions for Wynne government—cut taxes, restrain spending, grow the economy

Outlaw the taxes, not the tax escalators

An escalator that adjusts for inflation is merely maintaining the real purchasing power involved in the charge.

Beware of ‘temporary’ tax increases

In this year’s budget, the Wynne government forecasts a nearly 5 per cent increase in program spending.

In Ontario, obstacles to growth remain

The province’s top earners face a tax rate of 53.5 per cent on any additional earnings.

Dependence on housing leaves Ontario economy vulnerable

Business investment in Ontario is $50.9 billion this year, down from $53.8 billion before the recession.

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