part-time workers

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Grits and Tories both wrong on Ontario minimum wage policy

Many minimum wage workers would likely not benefit from the PC income tax exemption plan.

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The unintended consequences of a $15 minimum wage

A 10 per cent increase in the minimum wage leads to, on average, a three to six per cent decline in youth employment.

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not everyone wants a 15 minimum wage

Premier Kathleen Wynne plans to increase Ontario’s minimum wage to $15 per hour over the next 18 months.

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Ontario’s proposed labour law changes will hurt young workers the most

For every 10 per cent increase in the minimum wage, youth employment drops by three to six per cent.

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Wynne government may make it harder for employers to hire part-time workers

In Ontario, 69 per cent of part-time workers work part time by preference or due to lifestyle choices.