payroll taxes

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Average workers will ultimately pay for Horgan government’s new payroll tax

Increasing the employer payroll tax rate reduces the average hourly wage of workers.

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The bottom half of earners in Canada earn 22 per cent of all income yet pay only 15 per cent of all taxes.

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High marginal effective tax rates weaken the incentives for people to earn extra money.

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The rate of return under the current CPP system is 2.1 per cent for Canadians born after 1971.

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Every one per cent increase in the corporate income tax could translate into a loss of several hundred dollars per year for the average Canadian worker.

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Like other Canadians, you work hard for your money.

Faced with essential expenses such as food, clothing, and shelter, your household budget may feel squeezed. But what if we told you, your family’s biggest expense is taxes?