prince edward island

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Atlantic Canada lags behind rest of country on key employment indicators
The unemployment rate in Atlantic Canada was 8.7 per cent compared to 5.5 per cent in the rest of the country.

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Tax burden for P.E.I. families continues to grow

The average family in the province will pay more than 43 per cent of its income in taxes this year.

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P.E.I. lags behind most other provinces on employment income and other key metrics
The province's unemployment rate remained significantly above the national average throughout the entire 2010s.

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P.E.I. government should freeze spending in upcoming budget
Each resident of the province is responsible for $15,610 in provincial net debt.

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P.E.I. government should eliminate hidden tax in next budget

The province had the fifth-highest tax rate on personal income for those who made $50,000.

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P.E.I. government should restrain spending in upcoming budget

Among nine P.E.I. premiers since 1965, Premier King has overseen the third-highest average annual increase in per-person spending.

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P.E.I. government should target government wages to save money

Private-sector workers in the province are more likely to lose their jobs in any given year than government workers.