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Public-private partnerships the norm in higher-performing universal health-care systems

The median wait time in Ontario last year (21.6 weeks) was more than twice as long as the 9.1-week wait in 1993.

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Canadian patients want other options outside crumbling health-care system

Countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Australia either partner with their private sector or use it as a pressure-valve for the public system.

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Alberta should learn from other higher-performing universal health-care systems

The province's average wait time for health care grew from 18.5 weeks in 2008 to 33.5 weeks in 2023.

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B.C. government sends patients to U.S. while fighting private options in B.C.
The total wait between referral to treatment for oncology in B.C. is now about twice as long as the Canadian average.

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Private surgical clinic making life better for New Brunswickers

The province's median wait time between referral to a specialist and receipt of treatment was 43.3 weeks.

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B.C. court denies patients the ability to seek private care

Patients in the province waited 26.2 weeks between seeing a general practitioner and receiving treatment in 2021.